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The Man Inside by Bebo Norman
You're waking me up from my daydream 
Making me look up from my precious world 
Forcing me to see your point of view 

This broken sidewalk, not so broken as 
The man who likes to walk, jumping all the cracks 
Pushing his old bike, he's sure to smile at you 

I was looking for the quick way home 
But you were happy just to be alone 
Something magic must have caught my eye 
I saw the secret of the man inside 
I saw the secret of the man inside 

It's not the sun-baked brick lines in your skin 
Thick with chain grease, aged and clumsy hands 
It isn't struggled words you fight to say 

Beneath the man-suit, beneath your purple skin 
There is a boy who don't know that he's a man 
He simply close his eyes and he can fly away 

I was driving in the same old car 
But you were dreaming of a land so far away 
I was looking through my corner eye 
But you were singing with the man inside 
You were singing with the man inside 

Some think they got a lot to offer 
some think they got a lot to give 
Those people think they own this world 
but some people know to truly live
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