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Selwood Farm by Bebo Norman
The time is ours, your open arms 
These frozen fields, all here at Selwood Farm 
This swollen love reminds me of 
Your spilling soul that somehow always fills me up 

Every word is true 
Gathered hearts are here just to sing their soul to you 
And every word is true 
I'm happy when I'm here with you, oh with you 
At Selwood Farm 

I see the sisters smiling 
I see the light upon their face 
Here is the promise that fills this place 
There is an edge of winter 
But there is fire that keeps us warm 
This is the harvest at Selwood Farm 

And these are the sons and daughters 
They turn in the leaves then come inside 
I welcome the healing of all my pride 
And this is a day worth keeping 
This is a day worth dwelling on 
This is the day at Selwood Farm 

And I don't know why, but my heart just smiles 
And I know that each day we're growing older 
But I still know the way 
So take me to the day 
Take me to the day 
At Selwood Farm 
Selwood Farm
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