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Sorry To A Friend by Edwin McCain
Sittin' on the edge looking for songs in a bottle, 
Talking with strangers who don't know my pain
Blurry eyed and burned out 
Choking on more than I can swallow
Crack in a little voice called out my name
She said-Whatever happened to you, it's been two years where have you been
And I guess all my fears were true
The words are all gone the time's been too long
But I deserve to know what happened to my friend
Staring in her face I see a past that still haunts me, 
The road where we split up is paved with the things I didn't say
We had wonderful times but terrible timing now
Just leaver her alone, I'll just be in her way
She said whatever happened to you
You took the coward's way out again and I guess all my fears are true
The words are all gone, the time's been too long but it's not too late to say
I'm sorry to a friend
I'm sorry to a friend
I'm sorry to a friend
Like a stone in a stream 
Life smoothes all our edges 
'Til we barely make a ripple anymore
But those times in my life will live with me forever 
but we're not the same people that we were before
And I'm sorry for the smiles we missed and the times that I blew it.
I've got so much to tell you I don't know where to start
Maybe I'll find a way maybe you'll help me do it
'Cause friends like us should not be apart--
And I'm sorry to a friend--
Well now I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm so sorry Sorry and I'm sorry
Oh yeah
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