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Dancing Through Sunday by AFI
When you start to hear the steps
Dance with misery
Cradled in your past possibility
Smooth and I am swept away
So find my feet and
We step step step
Take the lead
And then start to start to start to bleed

Oh we dance in misery
And We Dance On,Yeah We Dance On!

Oh we dance in misery
Look in the arms of the misery oh

Oh we dance in misery
And We Dance On,Yeah We Dance On!

Swept our feet by misery
Were swept into shadows

We have learned to sell to beauty that will nullify
And the arch in your back will give you such a rise
Theyll be caught within the grey
So if you want we step, step, step and separate
As breath to breath we go ok


So who will follow
Who is the lead
I know well leave a stain
Because I bleed
As we dance
We all dance
We all
Have our chances and we dont come back

I swear
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