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Healin' Stream by The Isaacs
There's a healin' stream, that's flowin' down 
From a higher place above
It's a healin' stream
Where heartaches drown
It's a healin' stream of love


So if your heart (if your heart's) 
been broken in two (been broke in two)
And you need a new (need a new)
heart from above(heart from above)
Dear friend all (dear friend all)
I can say to you (I say to you)
Is just wade right out 
In the middle of the healing stream of love

Well I've been to the stream
That's flowin' down
So I know what I'm speakin' of
It was in that stream
That my heartaches drown
In that healing stream of love


Wade right out out in the middle of a healin' stream of love, love, love            

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