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Whispers, The - Album(s) song lyrics
Thankful by The Whispers album cover Rating
Oct 2009
Walk with Me   add lyric
Did You Know   add lyric
Praise His Holy Name   add lyric
One More Chance   add lyric
For Thou Art with Me   add lyric
Who Could It Be   add lyric
We Need You   add lyric
This Is How I Feel   add lyric
In the Name of Jesus   add lyric
Living Without You   add lyric
FOR YOUR EARS ONLY by The Whispers album cover Rating
Feb 2006
GET IT ON (4:56)   add lyric
DON'T SAY NO (5:07)   add lyric
BUTTA (5:40)   add lyric
LOVE WON'T LET ME WAIT (5:25)   add lyric
LOVE STROKIN (5:25)   add lyric
HOLD ON (5:13)   add lyric
LIVIN' IT UP (4:44)   add lyric
LOVE (4:30)   add lyric
CAN I GET NEXT TO YOU (4:26)   add lyric
DIAMONDS (4:39)   add lyric
IT'S YOU (5:06)   add lyric
I SING THIS SONG FOR YOU (4:08)   add lyric
THE WHISPERS LOVE YOU TOO (4:22)   add lyric
Anthology by The Whispers album cover Rating
Apr 2003
Original recording remastered
Mother For My Children   add lyric
Bingo   add lyric
Some Kinda Lover   add lyric
Your Love Is So Doggone Good   add lyric
Hello Stranger   add lyric
Greatest Slow Jams, Vol. 2
Greatest Slow Jams, Vol. 2 by The Whispers album cover Rating
Jan 2001
I Only Meant To Wet My Feet   add lyric
You Are Number One
I Love You
I'm The One For You   add lyric
(Olivia) Lost & Turned Out
You're A Special Part Of My Life
Only You   add lyric
Somebody Loves You   add lyric
Just A Memory   add lyric
This Time
Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong   add lyric
Love At Its Best   add lyric
The Best of the Whispers
The Best of the Whispers by The Whispers album cover Rating
Oct 2000
Make It With You
I Can Make It Better   add lyric
In Love Forever   add lyric
I Want To Know Your Name
Make Sweet Love To Me   add lyric
The Whispers - Greatest Hits [Capitol]
The Whispers - Greatest Hits [Capitol] by The Whispers album cover Rating
Jun 1997
One For The Money (Part 1)   add lyric
Living Together (In Sin)   add lyric
(Let's Go) All The Way
(Olivia) Lost And Turned Out
And The Beat Goes On
It's A Love Thing
This Kind Of Lovin'
In The Raw
Keep On Lovin' Me
Contagious   add lyric
Rock Steady
Just Gets Better With Time
Happy Holidays to You
Happy Holidays to You by The Whispers album cover Rating
Oct 1996
Funky Christmas   add lyric
This Time Of The Year   add lyric
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town   add lyric
Happy Holidays To You   add lyric
A Very Special Holiday   add lyric
This ChristnasThe Christmas Song   add lyric
The Christmas Song   add lyric
White Christmas   add lyric
Greatest Slow Jams
Greatest Slow Jams by The Whispers album cover Rating
Jun 1996
Give It To Me   add lyric
Love Is Where You Find It
Say Yes
Try It Again   add lyric
In The Mood
Are You Going My Way
Do They Turn On You   add lyric
Welcome Into My Dreams   add lyric
A Song For Donny   add lyric
Chocolate Girl
I'm Gonna Make You My Wife   add lyric
Bonus Track 1: Love's Calling   add lyric
Bonus Track 2: Living Together In Sin   add lyric
Christmas Moments
Christmas Moments by The Whispers album cover Rating
Nov 1994
My Favorite Things   add lyric
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas   add lyric
Its Christmas   add lyric
Christmas Medley: Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!/Jingle Bell Rock/Winter Wonderland   add lyric
It's Almost Christmas   add lyric
Mrs. Christmas   add lyric
Merry Christmas Baby   add lyric
Love For My Love On Christmas   add lyric
What Are You Doing New Years Eve?   add lyric
O Little Town Of Bethlehem   add lyric
More of the Night
More of the Night by The Whispers album cover Rating
Jul 1990
More Of The Night   add lyric
My Heart Your Heart   add lyric
Mind Blowing   add lyric
Don't Be Late For Love   add lyric
You Are The One
Is It Good To You
Innocent   add lyric
Girl Don't Make Me Wait   add lyric
Misunderstanding   add lyric
Forever Lover   add lyric
Babes   add lyric
I Want 2B The 1 4U   add lyric
Help Them See The Light   add lyric
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