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Shirley Caesar - Album(s) song lyrics
I Know the Truth
I Know the Truth by Shirley Caesar album cover Rating
Sep 2005
Miracles Still Happen   add lyric
The Glory Of The Lord   add lyric
Everything Is Going To Be Alright   add lyric
Jailbird   add lyric
Touch, Heal And Deliver   add lyric
Ive Been Redeemed   add lyric
I Know The Truth   add lyric
The Debt I Owe   add lyric
Come To The Altar
Give Me A Song   add lyric
Everyday Is Like Mothers Day   add lyric
Best of Shirley Caesar
Best of Shirley Caesar by Shirley Caesar album cover Rating
Nov 2003
Loose That Man   add lyric
Don't Drive Your Mama Away
Jordan River   add lyric
Satan, We're Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down   add lyric
Stranger On The Road   add lyric
Comfort Me   add lyric
I'm Glad I Found Jesus   add lyric
My Testimony   add lyric
God Specializes   add lyric
Mary, Don't You Weep   add lyric
Don't Be Afraid   add lyric
Greatest Gospel Hits
Greatest Gospel Hits by Shirley Caesar album cover Rating
Aug 2003
Original recording remastered
No Charge
Jesus   add lyric
Sailin' On The Sea Of Your Love   add lyric
Lord Let Your Spirit Fall On Me   add lyric
Jesus Makes The Difference In Me   add lyric
Hold My Mule (Live)   add lyric
Yes Lord, Yes (Live)   add lyric
I Remember Mama (Live)   add lyric
He's Working It Out For You   add lyric
Stand Still   add lyric
Heaven (Live)   add lyric
God Is Good (Live)   add lyric
Medley: Faded Rose/This Joy/Sweeping Through The City (Live)   add lyric
You Can Make It   add lyric
Rejoice   add lyric
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