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Rise Against - Album(s) song lyrics
Endgame by Rise Against album cover Rating
Jun 2011
Architects   add lyric
Help is On the Way   add lyric
Make It Stop (September's Children)   add lyric
Disparity By Design   add lyric
Satellite   add lyric
Midnight Hands   add lyric
Survivor Guilt   add lyric
Broken Mirrors   add lyric
Wait For Me   add lyric
A Gentlemen's Coup   add lyric
This is Letting Go   add lyric
Endgame   add lyric
Appeal to Reason [Ecopack]
Appeal to Reason [Ecopack] by Rise Against album cover Rating
Oct 2008
Collapse (Post-Amerika)
Long Forgotten Sons
Re-Education (Through Labor)
The Dirt Whispered
Kotov Syndrome
From Heads Unworthy
The Strength to Go On
Audience of One
Hero of War
Hairline Fracture
Whereabouts Unknown
Sufferer & The Witness
Sufferer & The Witness by Rise Against album cover Rating
Jul 2006
Explicit Lyrics
Chamber the Cartridge
Ready to Fall
Under the Knife
Prayer of the Refugee
Approaching Curve
Worth Dying For
Behind Closed Doors
Good Left Undone
The Unraveling
The Unraveling by Rise Against album cover Rating
Aug 2005
Original recording remastered
Alive and Well
My Life Inside Your Heart
Great Awakening
Six Ways 'Til Sunday
401 Kill   add lyric
Art of Losing
Remains of Summer Memories
Reception Fades
Stained Glass and Marble
Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up
3 Day Weekend
1000 Good Intentions
Weight of Time
Faint Resemblance
Join the Ranks [*]   add lyric
Gethsemane [*]   add lyric
Siren Song of the Counter Culture
Siren Song of the Counter Culture by Rise Against album cover Rating
Aug 2004
State Of The Union
The First Drop
Life Less Frightening
Paper Wings
Blood To Bleed
To Them These Streets Belong
Tip The Scales
Anywhere But Here
Give It All
Dancing For Rain
Swing Life Away
Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Revolutions Per Minute
Revolutions Per Minute by Rise Against album cover Rating
Apr 2003
Black Masks & Gasoline
Heaven Knows
Dead Ringer
Halfway There
Like The Angel
Voices Off Camera
Blood-Red, White & Blue
Broken English
Last Chance Blueprint
To The Core
Amber Changing
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