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Byron Cage - Album(s) song lyrics
Faithful to Believe
Faithful to Believe by Byron Cage album cover Rating
Oct 2009
Enhanced, Live
Introduction   add lyric
I Give You Praise   add lyric
Faithful To Believe   add lyric
He Will Answer
Simply Yes
I Can't Hold It   add lyric
In The Midst featuring Tye Tribbett   add lyric
For My Good   add lyric
Thankful   add lyric
Lord You Are My Everything featuring Karen Clark-Sheard & Marvin Winans   add lyric
Goodbye   add lyric
Live at the Apollo: The Proclamation
Live at the Apollo: The Proclamation by Byron Cage album cover Rating
Sep 2007
Enhanced, Live
Worship the Lord   add lyric
I've Got a Reason
Anyhow - Byron Cage, Dave Hollister
When He Comes Back
With All of My Might   add lyric
If You Never - Kim Burrell, Byron Cage,   add lyric
More Than You'll Ever Know
Your Spirit   add lyric
[CD-Rom Track] [*]   add lyric
An Invitation to Worship
An Invitation to Worship by Byron Cage album cover Rating
Nov 2005
I Will Bless The Lord
We Love You   add lyric
Majesty   add lyric
Praise The Name Of Jesus   add lyric
In Case You've Forgotten   add lyric
Rain On Me   add lyric
He Reigns
Broken But I'm Healed
Holy Holy Holy   add lyric
Lift Him Up   add lyric
Special Place
Praise Him
Worship The King   add lyric
Invitation   add lyric
Interlude: Closing Prayer   add lyric
Live at New Birth Cathedral
Live at New Birth Cathedral by Byron Cage album cover Rating
Feb 2003
Intro   add lyric
The Presence Of The Lord Is Here
Thou Art A Shield For Me: Psalm3   add lyric
Interlude   add lyric
There Is A Name
Byron Cage Medley: Glory Song/Yet Praise Him/Shabach
That's What You Are To Me
It Is To You
Glory To Your Name
Never Too Busy
Still Say Yes   add lyric
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