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Betty Blowtorch - Album(s) song lyrics
Last Call
Last Call by Betty Blowtorch album cover Rating
May 2003
Rock My World
Party 'Til Ya Puke
I Wanna Be On Epitaph   add lyric
Fish Taco
Shrinkwrap   add lyric
Limousines   add lyric
Van   add lyric
Shut Up And Fuck
Diarrhea   add lyric
Changing Underwear   add lyric
Yesterday II, The Sequel   add lyric
I Wanna Be Your Sucker
Ode To Dickhead   add lyric
Dickhead On The Radio   add lyric
Get Off
Kill The Butcher   add lyric
Teenage Whore   add lyric
Funeral Crashing Tonite   add lyric
T.I.T.   add lyric
Rock 'N Roll '85   add lyric
I've Been So Mad Lately   add lyric
Johnny Depp   add lyric
Size Queen
I'm Ugly And I Don't Know Why
Betty Blowtorch Anthem
Hell On Wheels
Are You Man Enough?
Are You Man Enough? by Betty Blowtorch album cover Rating
Jun 2001
Explicit Lyrics
Hell on Wheels
Love/Hate   add lyric
Size Queen (featuring Vanilla Ice)
I Wanna Be Your Sucker
I'm Ugly and I Don't Know Why   add lyric
Shut Up and F**K   add lyric
No Integrity
I Wish You Die
Big Hair, Broken Heart
Part Time Hooker
Rock My World   add lyric
Strung Out
Rock N Roll   add lyric
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