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Bering Strait - Album(s) song lyrics
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Jun 2005
Safe In My Lover's Arms   add lyric
Oy, Moroz-Moroz   add lyric
From Ankara To Izmir   add lyric
Long Time Comin'   add lyric
Just Imagine   add lyric
Pages   add lyric
You Make Lovin' Fun   add lyric
Cruel Man   add lyric
What's For Dinner?   add lyric
Choose Your Partner   add lyric
It Hurts Just A Little   add lyric
Bering Strait
Bering Strait by Bering Strait album cover Rating
Jan 2003
What Is It About You
Tell Me Tonight
I Could Be Persuaded
When Going Home
I'm Not Missing You   add lyric
I Could Use A Hero   add lyric
The Trouble With Love
Jagged Edge Of A Broken Heart
Only This Love   add lyric
Bearing Straight   add lyric
Like A Child   add lyric
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