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Ben Harper - Album(s) song lyrics
Both Sides of the Gun
Both Sides of the Gun by Ben Harper album cover Rating
Mar 2006
Morning Yearning
Waiting For You
Picture In A Frame
Never Leave Lonely Alone
Sweet Nothing Serenade
Reason To Mourn
More Than Sorry
Cryin' Won't Help You Now
Happy Everafter In Your Eyes
Better Way
Both Sides Of The Gun
Engraved Invitation
Black Rain
Gather ‘Round The Stone
Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating
Get It Like You Like It
The Way You Found Me
Serve Your Soul
Diamonds on the Inside
Diamonds on the Inside by Ben Harper album cover Rating
Mar 2003
With My Own Two Hands
When It's Good
Diamonds On The Inside
Touch From Your Lust
When She Believes
Brown Eyed Blues
Bring The Funk
Amen Omen
Temporary Remedy
So High So Low
Blessed To Be A Witness
Picture Of Jesus
She's Only Happy In The Sun
Burn to Shine
Burn to Shine by Ben Harper album cover Rating
Sep 1999
The Woman In You
Two Hands Of A Prayer
Please Bleed
Suzie Blue
Steal My Kisses
Burn to Shine
Show Me A Little Shame
Beloved One
In The Lord's Arms
The Will to Live
The Will to Live by Ben Harper album cover Rating
Jun 1997
Homeless Child
Number Three
Roses From My Friends
Jah Work
I Want To Be Ready
The Will To Live
Widow Of A Living Man
Glory & Consequence
Mama's Trippin'
I Shall Not Walk Alone
Fight for Your Mind
Fight for Your Mind by Ben Harper album cover Rating
Aug 1995
Ground On Down
Another Lonely Day
Please Me Like You Want To
Gold To Me
Burn One Down
Excuse Me Mr.
People Lead
Fight For Your Mind
Give A Man A Home
By My Side
Power Of The Gospel
God Fearing Man
One Road To Freedom
Welcome to the Cruel World
Welcome to the Cruel World by Ben Harper album cover Rating
Feb 1994
The Three Of Us
Whipping Boy
Breakin' Down
Dont' Take That Attitude To Your Grave
Waiting On An Angel
Mama's Got A Girlfriend Now
Like A King
Pleasure And Pain
Walk Away
How Many Miles Must We March
Welcome To The Cruel World
I'll Rise
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