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Arch Enemy - Album(s) song lyrics
The Root of All Evil
The Root of All Evil by Arch Enemy album cover Rating
Oct 2009
Root Of All Evil (intro)   add lyric
Beast Of Man   add lyric
The Immortal   add lyric
Demonic Science   add lyric
Dead Inside   add lyric
Pilgrim   add lyric
Silverwing   add lyric
Bridge Of Destiny   add lyric
Rise of the Tyrant
Rise of the Tyrant by Arch Enemy album cover Rating
Sep 2007
Blood On Your Hands   add lyric
The Last Enemy   add lyric
I Will Live Again   add lyric
In This Shallow Grave   add lyric
Revolution Begins   add lyric
Rise Of the Tyrant   add lyric
The Day You Died   add lyric
Intermezzo Liberte   add lyric
Night Falls Fast   add lyric
The Great Darkness   add lyric
Vultures   add lyric
Black Earth
Black Earth by Arch Enemy album cover Rating
Apr 2007
Enhanced, Extra tracks
Bury Me An Angel
Dark Insanity
Idolatress   add lyric
Cosmic Retribution
Demoniality   add lyric
Transmigration Macabre
Time Capsule
Losing Faith
The Ides Of March   add lyric
Doomsday Machine
Doomsday Machine by Arch Enemy album cover Rating
Jul 2005
Enter The Machine
Taking Back My Soul
My Apocalypse
Carry The Cross
I Am Legend/Out For Blood
Skeleton Dance
Hybrids Of Steel
Mechanic God Creation
Slaves Of Yesterday
Dead Eyes See No Future
Dead Eyes See No Future by Arch Enemy album cover Rating
Nov 2004
Symphony of Destruction (Megadeth cover)
Kill the Power (Manowar cover)   add lyric
Incarnated Solvent Abuse (Carcass cover)
Anthems of Rebellion
Anthems of Rebellion by Arch Enemy album cover Rating
Aug 2003
Tear Down the Walls (Intro)   add lyric
Silent Wars
We Will Rise
Dead Eyes See No Future
Leader of the Rats
Exist to Exit
Marching on a Dead End Road
Despicable Heroes
End of the Line
Saints and Sinners
Wages of Sin
Wages of Sin by Arch Enemy album cover Rating
Apr 2002
Enhanced, Extra tracks, Collector's Edition
Enemy Within   add lyric
Burning Angel
Heart Of Darkness
Savage Messiah
Dead Bury Their Dead
Web Of Lies
The First Deadly Sin
Behind The Smile
Snow Bound
Shadows And Dust
Lament Of A Mortal Soul
Aces High
Scream Of Anger
Diva Satanica
Fields Of Desolation
Damnation's Way   add lyric
Hydra   add lyric
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