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Aqualung - Album(s) song lyrics
Magnetic North
Magnetic North by Aqualung album cover Rating
Apr 2010
New Friend   add lyric
Reel Me In   add lyric
Sundowning   add lyric
36 Hours   add lyric
Fingertip   add lyric
Lost   add lyric
Time Moves Slow   add lyric
California   add lyric
Remember Us   add lyric
Hummingbird   add lyric
Thin Air   add lyric
Magnetic North   add lyric
Words & Music
Words & Music by Aqualung album cover Rating
Oct 2008
Slip-Sliding Away (Paul Simon)   add lyric
Can't Get You Out Of My Mind   add lyric
Good Goodnight   add lyric
Mr. Universe   add lyric
On My Knees   add lyric
Everything Changed   add lyric
When I Finally Get My Own Place   add lyric
Nothing Else Matters   add lyric
Arrivals   add lyric
Memory Man
Memory Man by Aqualung album cover Rating
Mar 2007
Pressure Suit
Something to Believe In
Vapour Trail
Rolls So Deep
Black Hole
Garden of Love
Broken Bones
Strange and Beautiful
Strange and Beautiful by Aqualung album cover Rating
Mar 2005
Strange & Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You)
Falling Out Of Love
Good Times Gonna Come
Breaking My Heart
You Turn Me Round
If I Fall
Still Life
Still Life by Aqualung album cover Rating
Feb 2004
Brighter Than Sunshine
Left Behind
You Turn Me Around
Easier To Lie
Another Little Hole
7 Keys
Extra Ordinary Thing
Breaking My Heart Again
Take Me Home
Good Good Night   add lyric
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