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Apostle of Hustle - Album(s) song lyrics
National Anthem of Nowhere
National Anthem of Nowhere by Apostle of Hustle album cover Rating
Mar 2007
My Sword Hand's Anger   add lyric
National Anthem of Nowhere   add lyric
The Naked and Alone   add lyric
Haul Away   add lyric
Cheap Like Sebastien   add lyric
Rafaga   add lyric
Chances Are   add lyric
A Rent Boy Goes Down   add lyric
Fast Pony For Victor Jara   add lyric
Justine, Beckoning   add lyric
Jimmy Scott is the Answer   add lyric
NoNoNo   add lyric
Folkloric Feel
Folkloric Feel by Apostle of Hustle album cover Rating
Jan 2007
Folkloric Feel   add lyric
Sleepwalking Ballad
Baby, You're In Luck
Energy of Death   add lyric
Kings and Queens
Song for Lorea   add lyric
Animal Fat
Dark is What I Want/Strutters Ball
Gleaning   add lyric
They Shoot Horses, Don't They
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