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Anti-Flag - Album(s) song lyrics
For Blood and Empire
For Blood and Empire by Anti-Flag album cover Rating
Mar 2006
Explicit Lyrics
I'd Tell You But...
The Press Corpse
The Project For A New American Century
Hymn For The Dead
This Is The End (For You My Friend)
1 Trillion Dollar$
State Funeral
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
War Sucks, Let's Party!
The W.T.O. Kills Farmers
Cities Burn
Depleted Uranium Is A War Crime
Mobilize by Anti-Flag album cover Rating
Feb 2002
Explicit Lyrics
911 For Peace - Anti-Flag   add lyric
Mumia's Song - Anti-Flag   add lyric
That's The Difference? - Anti-Flag   add lyric
We Want To Be Free - Anti-Flag   add lyric
N.B.C. (No Blood-Thirsty Corporations) - Anti-Flag   add lyric
Right To Choose - Anti-Flag   add lyric
We Don't Need It! - Anti-Flag   add lyric
Anatomy Of Your Enemy - Anti-Flag   add lyric
Underground Network - Anti-Flag   add lyric
Tearing Everyone Down - Anti-Flag   add lyric
Bring Out Your Dead - Anti-Flag   add lyric
A New Kind Of Army - Anti-Flag   add lyric
Their System Dosen't Work For You - Anti-Flag   add lyric
Free Nation - Anti-Flag   add lyric
Spaz's House Destruction Party - Anti-Flag   add lyric
Die For The Government - Anti-Flag   add lyric
Alert, Aware Involved - The Code   add lyric
Risen Up - Pipedown   add lyric
The Dark - Pipedown   add lyric
77 Threat - Virus Nine   add lyric
Us And Them - Virus Nine   add lyric
Save The Humans - Thought Riot   add lyric
Sign Of The Times - Thought Riot   add lyric
Solitude - The Methadones   add lyric
Whole Lot Of Nothing - The Methadones   add lyric
Big Bang - Modey Lemon   add lyric
It's Hard - Modey Lemon   add lyric
Green Light, Yellow Light, Stop - Whatever It Takes   add lyric
Erase The Days - Whatever It Takes   add lyric
We Found A Place - Justin Shane   add lyric
The Critical Writing Assignment - Justin Sane   add lyric
Are We Dead Yet? - The Unseen   add lyric
Goodbye America - The Unseen   add lyric
I Can't Stand Being With You - Anti-Flag   add lyric
I Don't Want To - The Voids   add lyric
I Still Love You Julie - Against Me   add lyric
A New Kind of Army
A New Kind of Army by Anti-Flag album cover Rating
May 1999
Explicit Lyrics
Tearing Everyone Down
Captain Anarchy
A New Kind Of Army
That's Youth
No Apology
Got The Numbers   add lyric
No Difference
I Don't Believe
Right On
What You Don't Know
Free Nation?
Outbreak   add lyric
Police Story
The Consumer's Song
This Is Not A Crass Song
Die for the Government
Die for the Government by Anti-Flag album cover Rating
May 1997
Explicit Lyrics
You'd Do The Same
You've Got To Die For The Government
Drink Drank Punk
Rotten Furture   add lyric
Safe Tonight
Red White And Brainwashed
Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene
Summer Squatter Go Home
She's My Little Go Go Dancer
Police State In The USA
Punk By The Book
Fuck Police Brutality
I'm Watched By The CIA
Kill The Rich
No More Dead
Confused Youth
Your Daddy Was A Rich Man, Your Daddy's Dead
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