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Anointed, The - Album(s) song lyrics
Now Is the Time
Now Is the Time by The Anointed album cover Rating
Apr 2005
Mighty Long Way   add lyric
Gotta Lift Your Name   add lyric
Now That I'm Free   add lyric
Jesus Is Lord   add lyric
Eternal Life   add lyric
Gotta Move   add lyric
Trust In You   add lyric
Now Is The Time   add lyric
The Great I Am   add lyric
You Are   add lyric
Gonna Lift Your Name (Remix)   add lyric
Under the Influence
Under the Influence by The Anointed album cover Rating
Oct 1996
Under The Influence (Acoustic Mix)
Waiting In The Wings   add lyric
Adore You   add lyric
Get Ready   add lyric
Take Me Back   add lyric
Do   add lyric
Answer To My Prayer   add lyric
Walking In The Light   add lyric
Come Unto Us   add lyric
Us   add lyric
Under The Influence (Main Mix)
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