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Annuals - Album(s) song lyrics
Such Fun
Such Fun by Annuals album cover Rating
Oct 2008
Confessor   add lyric
Hot Night Hounds   add lyric
Springtime   add lyric
Down The Mountain   add lyric
Always Do   add lyric
Talking   add lyric
Hardwood Floor   add lyric
Hair Don't Grow   add lyric
The Tape   add lyric
Blue Ridge   add lyric
Wake   add lyric
Be He Me
Be He Me by Annuals album cover Rating
Oct 2006
Brother   add lyric
Dry Clothes
Complete or Completing   add lyric
Carry Around
Chase You Off
Bleary Eyed
Fair   add lyric
Bull and the Goat   add lyric
Ida, My   add lyric
Father   add lyric
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