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Annie - Album(s) song lyrics
Anniemal by Annie album cover Rating
Jun 2005
Intro   add lyric
Chewing Gum
Always Too Late
Me Plus One
Helaless Fool For Love   add lyric
Anniemal   add lyric
No Easy Love   add lyric
Happy Without You
Greatest Hit   add lyric
Come Together   add lyric
My Best Friend
Don't Stop
Don't Stop by Annie album cover Rating
Jan 1900
Hey Annie   add lyric
My Love Is Better   add lyric
Bad Times   add lyric
Don't Stop   add lyric
I Don't Like Your Band   add lyric
Songs Remind Me Of You   add lyric
Marie Cherie   add lyric
Take You Home   add lyric
Breakfast Song   add lyric
Loco   add lyric
When the Night   add lyric
Heaven and Hell   add lyric
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