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Anggun - Album(s) song lyrics
Luminescence by Anggun album cover Rating
Sep 2005
In Your Mind
Undress Me
Evil And Angel   add lyric
Breathe In Water   add lyric
Something Sublime   add lyric
Devil In My Mind
Human   add lyric
Go   add lyric
Mantra (Single Version) (Bonus Track)   add lyric
Mantra (A Capella Version) (Bonus Track)   add lyric
Mantra (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)   add lyric
In Your Mind (Indian Remix) (Bonus Track)
In Your Mind (Fbcool Extended Club Mix) (Bonus Track)
Snow on the Sahara
Snow on the Sahara by Anggun album cover Rating
May 1998
Snow On The Sahara
Over Their Walls
On The Breath Of An Angel
A Rose In The Wind
My Sensual Mind
By The Moon
Dream Of Me
Secret Of The Sea
Life On Mars
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