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Anathema - Album(s) song lyrics
We're Here Because We're Here
We're Here Because We're Here by Anathema album cover Rating
Jun 2010
Thin Air   add lyric
Summernight Horizon   add lyric
Dreaming Light   add lyric
Everything   add lyric
Angels Walk Among Us   add lyric
Presence   add lyric
A Simple Mistake   add lyric
Get Off, Get Out   add lyric
Universal   add lyric
Hindsight   add lyric
Alternative 4
Alternative 4 by Anathema album cover Rating
May 2004
Original recording remastered, Extra tracks
Shroud of False
Fragile Dreams
Lost Control
Inner Silence
Alternative 4
Your Possible Pasts [*]
One of the Few [*]
Better Off Dead [*]
Goodbye Cruel World [*]   add lyric
Judgement by Anathema album cover Rating
Jan 2001
Forgotten Hopes
Destiny Is Dead   add lyric
Make It Right (F.F. S.)   add lyric
One Last Goodbye
Parisienne Moonlight
Don't Look Too Far
Emotional Winter
Wings Of God
Anyone, Anywhere
2000 & Gone   add lyric
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