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Anathallo - Album(s) song lyrics
Canopy Glow
Canopy Glow by Anathallo album cover Rating
Nov 2008
Noni's Field   add lyric
Italo   add lyric
Northern Lights   add lyric
The River   add lyric
Cafetorium   add lyric
Sleeping Torpor   add lyric
All the First Pages   add lyric
John J. Audubon   add lyric
Bells   add lyric
Tower of Babel   add lyric
Floating World
Floating World by Anathallo album cover Rating
Jun 2006
Ame   add lyric
Gennesarat (going out over 30,000 fathoms of water)   add lyric
By Number   add lyric
Dokkoise House (with face covered)
Hanasakajijii (four: a great wind, more ash)
Hanasakajijii (one: an angry neighbor)
Inu (howling)
Hanasakajijii (two: floating world)
The Bruised Reed
Yuki! Yuki! Yuki!
Hanasakajijii (three: the man who made dead trees bloom)   add lyric
Cuckoo Spitting Blood
Kasa no Hone   add lyric
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